How Poorly Fitted Bra Cause Indian Women Back Pain and Breast Pain?

To achieve a suitable bra fit, Indian women should pay attention to the cups, front band, and straps.

  • Make sure your band is snug enough to stay put without slipping, but loose enough that you can easily slide a finger between it and your skin.
  • Choose straps that are wide enough to not dig into your shoulders.
  • Measure your cup size properly so that your bust will get fully support and completely enclose your breasts.

According to “Kamison Experts”, if women don’t care to wear proper fit bra, then definitely poor fitted bra causes you pain for long and short term. It is critical to wear bras that fit your breast, whether you have a large or small bust.

How Can a Badly Fitted Bra Cause Pain to Women's Body?

Yes, badly fitted bra can cause pain. Approximately 80% of Indian women are now wearing the wrong bra size.

Do you know ladies? Wearing the incorrect bra size (band size or cup size) or wrong bra style which is ill-fitting, can cause shoulder, chest, neck, and spine pain, as well as headaches.

You may be thinking that How could such a small piece of clothes create so much discomfort? Your bra could be causing you pain all over your body.

Body Posture and bra support are extremely important, especially for ladies with heavy busts.

A large bust can result in postural alterations such as forward, rounded shoulders, forward bent neck, and spinal adjustments to balance the weight of the chest.

When you don't wear a bra that fits you properly, your pain, posture, strength, and flexibility all suffer.

What Kind of Pain Can a Badly Fitted Bra Cause?

  • Breast pain causes if they flow out over the top of your cups, are squeezed into your armpits, or are poked with underwire.
  • Back pain is caused by larger breasts, or at the very least, exacerbated by them. Back pain can be caused directly or indirectly by improper breast support.
  • Large breast women are more prone to wear a bra that isn't supportive enough. This can lead to problems with body posture also.
  • Bras are designed to sit directly on top of your rib cage. When you're wearing one that's too tight, it might feel restrictive and even cause pain. Abrasions and chafing are also prone to occur.
  • Breasts that aren't properly supported might sag and leave permanent stretch marks on your skin. Over time, the straps might scrape into your skin, causing grooves in your shoulders.
  • If you're experiencing unexplained headaches, it's possible that your bra is to blame. A bad-fitting bra can induce headaches by causing strain in your muscles.
  • Friction is one of the most common causes of nipple pain. A chafed, sore nipple can be caused by a bra that is either loose or too tight and rubs you the wrong way.

According to “Kamison Experts”, Bras that are properly fitted can assist to alleviate pain, improve posture, and improve your overall quality of life. If you have shoulder, neck, or back pain, or if you have frequent headaches, it's possible that your bra is causing you pain all over your body.

How Do I Get Rid of the Pain With Best Fit Bra?

Firstly Measure Bra Size

You can either go to a store that will measure you or do it yourself to find out your bra size.

To begin, take a measurement of your bust directly beneath your breasts and round it up to the next whole number.

Ribcage is the section of your bra size that has a number. Keep the measuring tape below your shoulder blades, as this is where your bra's back strap should go.

Next, Get To Know Cup Size

Next, take a measurement around your nipples on your bust. Your cup size is determined by the difference between this measurement and your breast measurement.

One inch equals an A cup, two equals a B, three equals a C, and four equals a D, and so on.

You can get inserts to help equal out your breast sizes for a better bra fit if your breasts are different sizes.

During Workout Choose Sports Bra 

During workouts, you'll need double the breast support: find a sports bra that stays put while you hop, twist, and bend.

However, don't try to gain such support by wearing a too-tight bra: This might induce neck pain and compression, which can result in arm numbness.

A rubbing bra may chafe and perhaps bleed, especially around the band.

How to Know That Your Bra Have Perfect Fitting?

When examining your bra fit at home, keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure that the underbust band is securely fastened around the ribs. It should not sag or move as a result of activities.
  • Shoulder straps should not be so tight that they dig into or leave imprints on your shoulders.
  • The middle of the bra does not lie flat against your body. This could be because the cup size isn't right for your body.
  • Make sure your breasts fit properly in the cup and on the sides of the bra. A cup size that is too small can cause your breasts to spill out.
  • In any case, make selecting the appropriate size bra a priority. The size of your bra cup should be the same as the size of your breasts.

According to “Kamison Experts”, The underbust band should provide 80 percent of the support, while the straps should provide 20 percent. If the straps are overly tight, they can put extra pressure on the neck and shoulders, causing pain and headaches.

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