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Teenager Beginners Sports Bra for Girls and Women Combo (Pack of 3)

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Ā BestsellerĀ Beginners Bra ForĀ Teenager GirlsĀ 


  • No-Back Hook DesignĀ - Specially designed forĀ  first timers, Teenager girls orĀ  Beginners Girls.
  • 18+ Hours Comfort - Bra cups are non-padded, making the Bra light and breathable.
  • Seamless Look- Cup is made of a single fabric, free from stitches or seams, making your bra cups invisible under your clothes.Ā 
  • Fully adjustable straps - Adjust the detachable straps according to your comfort.

The KamisonĀ® 1195 Teenager Beginners Bra must have forĀ 4 Purposes.Ā 

Perfect Fitting and good supportĀ -Ā This elegant bra helps to Grow there breast or Help to provide a good shapeĀ  in future. It is rash free wear like a T-shirt.

Cup is made With Single Layer fabric,Ā Forget about annoying and embarrassing issues like spillage, show-through and discomfort with this elegant yet functional bra from Kamison 1195.Ā 


Ā  Ā  Ā Customer questions & answers

Q:Ā  What is RIGHT age to wear a Bra??

A: Let me tell you from my personal story. When my daughter was around 11 years old, I noticed that her chest is getting a little bigger and her nipples are starting to show t-shirt and then I thought this is the right time for my daughter to wear a bra. In many girls, this age comes around 9 years, while in some girls this age comes in the middle of 13 years.

Q: BestĀ Teenager Beginners Bra FOR 08 to 20 Year's Girls?

A:Ā  This Bra is made forĀ 08 to 20 Year'sĀ TeenagerĀ  Girls.Ā it helps to Provide a good Shape in Future. you can wear this bra Everyday and every time.


What Our Customers Say:

This is a must have product, very comfortable, breathable fabric, perfect size. It has removable straps and stretch quality is excellent. Order your true size. It is suitable for gyming, jogging, yoga, any kind of work out. It holds the portion firm without looking or making it bulge. Gives the full coverage. 10 on 10. Highly recommended.

The Story Of Kamison

ā€œI always struggled to find good quality Bras in India - horrible material, poor sizing and weird designs or No options for Perfect sizes. During travels to other countries we found there are around 30+sizes in bras as compared to in India it is around 8 sizes. Why wasn't anyone building these quality products for us in India? I realized, not only did the market have bad quality products, but also Bras for women in India was a joke. No one was truly designing Bras specifically for Indian women. It is high time we had someone buildĀ Best Fitting BrasĀ forĀ the Indian woman, so I decided to do something about it andĀ KamisonĀ was born!ā€Ā 

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a Women Lingerie Brand ā€“We are On a Mission to provide a great fit bra to every Indian Women.

1. Awareness for an Active Lifestyle

At Kamison we believe bras are not about how we look -It's all about Comfort.Ā girls don't know where we get the right knowledge regarding bras. so we start answering your question onĀ Ā KAMISON LINGERIE(you check on YouTube ).Join Kamison Lingerie

Ā 2.FindĀ your Right size

Thatā€™s what our customers tell us.
Indian womenā€™s Different body types and shapes have long been sidelined when it comes to Bras. And so itā€™s our mission to design products that will be the perfectĀ  Bra forĀ Indian women.

Across 30+ sizes for all types of women.- Heavy Breast sizes (B C D cup ) are not easily available in the market. We start manufacturingĀ B C D cup sizesĀ with the kamison bra collection. so we provide a great braĀ Fits Like a Dream.

3. Signature QualityĀ Ā 

Bras are like a product which we wear around 18 hours+ in a day. so, we produce only Superior quality BRAS.

OurĀ signature Interlock cottonĀ is super-soft and naturally breathable for easy all-day wear. These fabric absorbsĀ sweat in summer or makes you rash free for a long time.Ā That's why people give usĀ 5 star ratings.Ā 

Shipping & Returns

We don't have a return policy due to hygiene concerns, which means you can't return after receiving your item.
But in some exception, You can always contact us for any return question atĀ 

WhatsappĀ Ā 8222885488Ā Ā (tell us want exchange & problem with order )Ā orĀ Ā Chat OnĀ WhatsApp

  • Nivedita bhardwaj

    Comfort & Quality -Awsm product.....if u want to buy bras for home wear with gud stuff and comfort then must go for it.....superbb comfy reasonable bras beats many gud brands

  • Disha Dewangan

    Just go for it, the fit was just right the size. Material is breathable and nice. Good for daily use. Canā€™t believe itā€™s so affordable.

  • ARYA S S

    I purchased it for my friend....she was very happy,quality was very good and comfortable to wear..she was very happy 5 rating from mešŸ˜€

  • Sarita

    Good quality - Product is very nice
    and comfort to very happy this product.

  • Shubhadarshini das

    I ordered size 38B. Great fitting, really true to size. Loved it

  • Column

    Fitting is totally accurate- Tightness as well as at the same time softness, matterial is so soft ,breathable šŸ’Æ

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    Every product from Kamison's is made with the heart and soul of our own people. We are a 'Made in India' brand with the aim to Great Fit Bra to Every Indian Women..

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