Perfect Bra Fitting Tips and Tricks: Ladies (Tip 2)! Three Main Bra Fit Checkpoints!

There are three key bra fit checkpoints, according to Kamison experts:

  • Make sure the panel connecting the two cups, referred to as the middle gore, is flush against the chest. There should be no gaps or crevices between it and your breastbone.
  • When you bend over, the band should be parallel to the ground, not riding up in the back or seesawing.
  • Cups: The underwire should completely enclose your breasts (if applicable). Breast Tissue exiting the cup indicates a problem with the fit. Whether or not your bra has wires, your breasts should feel completely contained.

Pro tip: Regardless of sizing differences, inspecting the band, underwire, and breast confinement will help you determine if your bra fits properly.

How a Woman Know that whether she is wearing a Proper Fit Bra?

Sometimes it's evident that the bra you're wearing isn't quite correct. Other times, there are more subtle signs that your bra isn't optimizing your shape sufficiently.

Some of these indications go unnoticed, yet they can make a huge difference.

Even if a bra "feels correct," it may not be providing adequate support. It could not provide as much value to your breasts as it could or should.

It could even be the incorrect bra style for you.

Use Kamison Bra Fit Checklist to See If Your Bra Is the Appropriate Fit for You

All of these tests will be passed by a well-fitting bra. Take a few minutes to learn how a bra should appear and feel, and then you'll be able to tell if you're wearing the improper size or style bra for your breasts.

Bra Cups With a Smooth Fit

  • If your bra cups aren't fully filled – if they're wrinkling or gaping – you'll need a smaller cup size (assuming your bra straps have been properly adjusted).
  • Try a larger cup size or a style with a broader cup design if your bra cups are "overflowing" or the tops of your bra cups are biting into your breast tissue.
  • The cup's borders should also be flush with your breast.

Some women comment that the cups have a "pointy" appearance (when the bra design is not meant to look this way). This could also mean you're not completely filling your cups and need to move down a cup size.

The Fabric for the Cup Is Durable

The fabric of the cup should provide both support and a healthy breast form. Bras with stretchy fabric cups are more comfortable, but they compromise your shape and support.

The  Center Panel Lays Flat On The Breast Bone

  • If the center panel of your bra does not rest on your sternum, it may be a clue that your cup size is too small.
  • If your underwires point outward and away from your body, your cup size may be too small.
  • Also, the distance between your breasts can alter how your center panel lays on your sternum.
  • It's worth noting that minimizer bras don't always lay against the sternum, which is good.

Encircle Your Breasts With Underwires

Underwires should not poke, protrude, or irritate the skin. If your wires bend away from your chest in the middle, your cup size is probably too small.

However, the positioning, shape, and size of your breasts can all affect how bra underwires fit you.

In the Back, the Bra Band Is Either Parallel to the Floor or Slightly Lower

Your bra band's lowest end should be anchored underneath your shoulder blades. The better the support, the lower the back fits.

Women with a curvy spine may have difficulty determining where the back of their bra should rest.

Uplift Your Breasts

Your breasts' apex should be around the middle of your shoulders and elbows. Breasts that are raised appear more young and slimline.

Do Not Sag or Fall to Your Sides if Your Breasts Point Forward

Your breasts should be pointed forward in the suitable bra style so that you may freely swing your arms forward and backward.

You Can Run a Finger Under Your Front Band

It's important that your bra is snug, but not too tight. If getting your finger between you and your bra band in the front is problematic, you need a larger band size or a looser hook position in the back.

When Seated, It Feels Comfortable

When we are seated, our ribcages expand. Sit down while wearing your bra if you're not sure if your band is big enough.

How Kamison Lingerie Fulfills All Wishes of Women To Provide Right Fit Bra?

Kamison is known for best bra fitters and sells a large selection of bras and panties in a variety of sizes. Within that, also have plus-size and full coverage bust specialists."

Kamison makes the same bra styles for their core size, full bust, and plus-size consumers, which is a rather uncommon occurrence in the Indian lingerie industry.

Over the last few seasons, Kamison has devoted a lot of effort and resources into expanding their size. Kamison Lingerie is an excellent example of a firm doing good.


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